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I decided writing a new update post (since it's been months since my first one) is the best way for me to tell you guys what's going on in my life. If you guys want me to be writing more personal posts, or you would prefer if I stuck to my usual stuff comment down below. Also if I don't throw something else on my blog, this month will be filled with review posts.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I've been trying to write on this blog more, preferably once a week. I've settled down into school and my neighbourhood and city, which I love. Christmas was a fun chance to spend some time with my family since I lock myself up in my room every day, going on my laptop. 

But that's all the boring stuff. The stuff you don't want to hear. Newsflash, that's my life. Lately, though, I've been feeling stuck. Or as Kylie says "Like, Realising stuff".

But it's true. I've come to realise that everything I'm doing in school is preparing and possibly affecting my future. The grades I get, friends I make, teachers I have. I've also realised that I need to have a plan. As a child, you just go to school then go home repeat, repeat, repeat. But, now I have to find a goal I have to work towards. Which is, get a job, get good grades & get a degree. Those would be my long term goals. And I can't fall off course because if I do what's my plan then? 

Responsibility. It's something I'm still struggling to understand. As a child, your parents are responsible for you. Now I'm responsible for myself every little thing I do reflects on me, on how people see me. All of the above may seem daunting, especially to me, but if you think about it that's what the whole world is doing. Learning to be responsible. 

Everybody is preparing for the future and everybody is dealing with responsibility, that's just how life works. I'm getting pretty deep with this post, I know. I'll stop now.

Blogging. I love it, I'm so happy I started it young too. I mainly started it because I didn't want to put my face on youtube (I'm still too scared to do it now - I wouldn't want people in school to know) But then I found out about blogs. I didn't really know what they were, though, until I realised most of the sites I visited were blogs. It's a way for me to be myself, even if no one knows.

I think that's all I should write for now. I don't want to confuse you guys with my ramblings. If you feel the same way about any of the topics I discussed comment down below.

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Thanks for taking the time to read x

PS. I know I used the American spelling of 'realise' in the title and URL. 'REALIZE' felt stronger than 'REALISE'. I also use American versions of words (I say mom not mum) I'm sorry if that's annoying.



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Hey there! Today I'm going to be writing about my favourite foundation. I have done a foundation review before and you can check that out here! (It was also posted before I moved).

 I am a makeup lover but I don't wear makeup every day, I have been using this foundation for around a month so I can definitely say whether you should buy or say bye to this foundation.

I have this foundation in the shade 8.N Cappuccino and I'd have to say it matches my skin perfectly. The foundation claims to; Capture your skin tone and undertone, provide the perfect coverage without caking, to be super-blendable & have 24-hour hydration.

What I love about the foundation is that has a massive variety of shades (23) all differing in small ways from each other. So no matter what skin tone you are you'll definitely be able to find your true match. Get it? I'm so funny.

I have 2 of the foundations, One opened and currently in use and one still in its original packaging. I got mine from Superdrug as part of their 3 for 2 sales. It was also half price (£9.00x2=£18.00. / I also gave 1 to my mom). You can get them for even cheaper at Amazon starting at £7.00. 

Packaging 9/10

You see clearly that it is a rectangular bottle with a pump at the top. On Amazon, you can get different shapes from what I have. The foundation comes in a plastic wrapping with a note on the back saying 'wrapped for your protection and hygiene'. I personally love the shape and pump of the foundation. What about you?

Application 8/10

The foundation applies really smoothly with a brush or a beauty blender. It moves around nicely while blending then sets into place. Sometimes it does take a little while to set but you really just have to be patient. It dries matte and can be built up easily to full coverage. All in all, for application, this is a great foundation.

Wear 7/10

After a while, I noticed my foundation was still perfect. I used my favourite primer the 'Wet n Wild Coverall Primer' for my face which helped for a while. (Would you like a review on that? Comment!) Since I have very oily skin, my face started to feel oily later in the day. The foundation held up and still gave high coverage throughout my busy


Overall, I LOVE this foundation. A foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly, moulds to my skin texture and dries matte is definitely the foundation for me. If you have oily skin or struggle with finding your perfect shade, then I think this is the foundation for you too.

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I'm an idiot. I thought I could combine New Year's resolutions with a 2017 bucket list but guess what? It doesn't work, it may not seem like it but they are two completely different things *sigh*. Anyways as made obvious by the above text (ooh I like how that sounds) I cannot combine the two posts into 1. Butttt I won't give up (Nah, Nah, Nah) and here you are reading my New Years Resolutions. Really sorry I couldn't include a bucket list so if you want one comment below! 


I was going to add 'that I'm probably going to break within 4 hours' but that would've made the title longer than acceptable so I just wrote it as an introduction instead. 

I no longer believe in the whole 'new year new me' stuff, in fact, I don't even believe that the new year is a whole fresh start. I'm sitting here on my laptop on the 31st at 10:51 pm knowing it's going to be 2017 in less than 2 hours and feeling no different. But that's not keeping me from writing resolutions and bucket lists because I need something to motivate me. The New Year is the perfect excuse.

Make my posts more personal

I would love to be able to express myself through my posts. I know I am a Beauty, Lifestyle & Advice blog but I don't want to feel limited in what I write. I want to be able to add a little bit of my personality here and there, I feel I did that a lot in this post which is motivating me to write more (so much in fact my hands aren't typing quick enough)

Post at least once a week

All together I have about 15 posts on this blog. Writing posts is hard work especially since I'm still in school but I love it when I see that people are actually reading my blog. Whether it's through comments or page views, it really makes me happy.

Wear makeup more 

I have a confession. I don't wear makeup often, like at all. I mostly only wear it to school and even then it's usually just mascara, eyebrows and concealer. In my spare time (weekends, holidays) I don't wear makeup at all except when I'm bored and want to play around with it. This may not seem bad but for a beauty, MAKEUP & lifestyle blogger, it probably is. It's not just that. I'm always in my bed and if I wear makeup I can't stay in my bed for fear of staining my pillow. It probably sounds stupid but yea that's my life.

Be more active

This may seem basic but I am not a healthy weight. I have tried to lose weight before and not succeeded. I have not been comfortable with my body since I was 10 years old. When I randomly stepped onto a scale and saw that number. I have a bad relationship with food. I'm not that active but in school, I excel in sports (mainly basketball I'm taller than most of my peers). I want to stop being jealous of other people bodies. I want to love mine.

Learn SEO

Honestly, I had no idea what this was until I read someone's blog. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it's something you should really learn about if you have any kind of website. I'm not too keen on getting it done right now but I know it's something I'll eventually be able to do

Clean my room often

My room is a mess. 2 seconds after I clean it it's a mess again. I need to try to keep my room clean. Simple.

Fix my sleep schedule 

I am usually sleep deprived, due to the fact that I am on my phone every night. I have become used to living on minimal sleep and then bingeing on sleep on the weekend. Sleep is essential for your health so I would love to improve my sleep to simply get better quality life.

Write things down more

When I write my blog posts, I write them on my laptop. Because there is no blogger app I am unable to write things as they come into my head. I sometimes write things in the note section of my phone which I feel is something I should do more often. Getting a great idea and then forgetting it really sucks.

Write a whole book

I started writing a book on a website late 2016 and I was always too busy to write more and update it. My goal for this year is to hopefully finish that book. 

Change my attitude

This one feels really hard for me to explain. I want to change my outlook on life and improve my personal relationships, but it isn't as easy as that. It's going to involve a long process. Maybe I'll write about it someday.

Change my blogs' look

Right now I am using a basic blogger template. I'm not particularly fond of it but when I tried to change it to a free blogger template I found on the web, chaos unleashed. Luckily, I had saved my old template and I restored it perfectly. I want my blog to have a minimalist, clean look so it's going to take some time before I can achieve that.

Improve my blog photos

Being completely honest, I don't take my blog photos. I did once and found, since I don't have a camera and didn't know how to edit. It wasn't for me, I also didn't really have the extra time.

 After reading skinnedcartree's blog course; Improve your blog (which was originally posted at the beginning of 2016 but reposted for 2017) I found that I could use free photos that had no copyright on them and edit them using a site called Canva. I did this on today's post and I have to say I am already loving the photos.

I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to share, comment and follow all my social medias which you can find on the sidebar or on my 'contact' page.
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Whether it's the eyeshadow you've had at the back of your makeup drawer for months or the  mascara that you never really liked , All makeup does have an expiry date sadly - we knew it wouldn't last for ever :'(

Usually powder based makeup products last longer than liquid ones. That's good news for your powders and bad news for your foundations.

So not sure when your makeup will expire? Then this is the post for you.

Mascara - 3 months 

This was really surprising to me! Only 3 months? Well you better throw away all your old mascaras or you're putting your self at risk of an eye infection.
This photo was taken by me, if you would like to use it contact me here

 Eyeshadow - 2 years

Liquid Foundation - 6 months > 1 year

Now this really just depends on the foundation but what i have written up there is a basic average

Powder - 2 years

As you can see there is a theme with the powder based products lasting longer than liquids

Lip Gloss - 1 year

Liquid Eyeliner - 6 months > 12 months

As I was checking out my eyeliners I noticed that the felt tips in the photo below (Rimmel London Scandal Eyes) said they lasted  12 months and the liquids lasted 6 months.

Blush/Bronzer - 2 years

That's all I have for now hope you enjoyed xx



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My Favourite TV shows 

Hey guys! So today im going to be telling you some of my fave tv series (or basically some things i think you should check out on Netflix) lol.I know alot of these are quite popular and well known so i tried to make sure there was at least 1 or more that i didn't think was well known.  These aren't in any particular order btw

                                                      Grey's Anatomy

                                              How to get away with murder 

                                                      Pretty little liars



                                                        Teen wolf

                                                    The Walking Dead

                                                          The 100

                                              Orange is the new Black


What are some of your favourite tv shows? Comment them down below! If you have time maybe you could vote in the poll on the right, I would really appreciate it!
 Hope you enjoyed this post xx
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On Friday I was around Penneys (which is what primark is called here in Ireland!) when something caught my eye. I usually browse around the makeup section of Penneys, but I never buy any of their face products (such as foundation, concealer, etc) as they don't match my skin tone.

pictures from

On this particular day however I took a second look at the face products and I was happy and surprised to see some new additions! There were some new shades that I actually felt would suit me, There was a darker foundation stick which I did notice did not have a name.Primark Beauty just keeps improving but this was a big deal to me.

After testing out the foundation stick (which I will write about in a minute) I feel like I can finally stop buying expensive MAC foundations - which I had to drive 40 mins away into a city near me to get for around €30, €40 - And switch to the Primark brand which is in my town and only costs €3 (though it is a foundation STICK. Not a liquid.)


For the review I will be dividing it into 3 main categories Packaging, Application and Wear.

Packaging; 8/10

The sticks came in twistable containers which I think made them quite portable as you can throw one in your bag just in case and blend it out with your finger or with a mini beauty blender.
The packaging was quite cute, though aside from the fact its says on the side "foundation stick"' it would definitely pass off for a concealer. I did notice, however, that sometimes if I would try to twist it the foundation would be stuck in place and I would have to push it into place with my finger and try to twist it again. Other than that there were no problems.

Application; 5/10

This is where this product needs to improve. As much as I loved this product actually applying it was a problem. It went onto your face pretty well but if you looked down at the stick after it was not a pretty sight the top of the foundation would be a streaky mess. Also for some reason it would feel 'bumpy' as you put it on for some reason. The foundation had great medium - light coverage though so that was a plus. 

Wear 8/10

I haven't really tried out much other foundations but I can say that this one lasted ok. I have really oily skin and basically nothing can stop the oil from showing but this was ok - not the best but not the worst compared to liquid foundation - It only started fading later on in the day. It had amazing coverage for a €3 foundation.

All in all I would recommend this foundation, and if you end up not liking it at least you didn't dish out  $/€40   for it.

Note: I wrote this 2 weeks ago when i had first gotten and tried this product. Also I apologise for not posting in a week or so.. things have just been busy! Thanks for reading x Hope you enjoyed xx
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