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If you're a makeup fanatic like me (mostly talking about foundation here though), there will come a time in your life where you are faced with 2 choices; Makeup brushes or Makeup sponges.

In my opinion sponges became popular only recently. I personally when I used liquid foundation would first apply the foundation with a brush and blend a bit and the fully blend it with a beauty sponge. I still do this though as you will see down below!

FYI - Beauty blenders aren't the only sponges out there!Try out some triangle wedges! I really like to use them sometimes :)


 Brushes spread out foundation better than sponges as I feel sponges blend more. If you're looking for a little to go a long way stick to brushes!
But the thing is brushes never seem to blend the way a sponge can so don't forget to factor this into your decision.


*Easy to use and hold
*Have specific jobs and are tailored for that job (eg Contour brush, etc)
*Spread foundation easily


*Washing brushes can be a hassle
*Can be very expensive
*You can't have one brush for your whole makeup routine 


I sometimes feel like you have to use tons more of your foundation if you are using a sponge as it may soak up more of your foundation than a brush. Also washing sponges can be quite a lot more hassle than washing brushes.
Sponges blend way better than brushes do and can even give you more coverage!


*Small, easy to use and keep
*Can be used for multiple things
*Affordable (Knock offs)
*Can get into crevices of your face


*Washing is a hassle
*They don't last as long as brushes
*Soak up a lot of the foundation


So there you have it! My personal opinion of brushes and sponges, I didnt want to favour one over the other I just wanted to explain the differences

Short post but hope you enjoyed!xx
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