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I just want to say, Sorry I haven't been active. I recently moved (check out my last blog post) and we still don't have wifi, though we are getting it in a few days! I'm putting this up in a library and I just want to say I will be back in a week or so with wifi >.< 
Thanks for all the support xx

We all plan to be healthy right? Well sometimes a little motivation can help you 
go a long way!

› Have a plan
Make sure that you have an idea if you want to go on a specific diet such as gluten free, vegan, etc. it's not required but can help give you a basis.

› Find motivation
Look up people that you can use as a role model. find someone who promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle.
Use pictures to your advantage. look at pictures of food and determine if you can find the recipe or even pictures of what your body will look like when you eat well, of course with exercise.

› Know your taste buds
Make sure that you establish what healthy foods that you do like so you have a basis.
Try new foods so you can increase your diet.

› Strategize
Start one week at a time. one week reduce sugar, the next week reduce bad carbohydrates and start to increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, protein, etc.

› Reward yourself
by rewarding yourself, it's motivating you because you know that there will be a great outcome if you further continue.

› Remember!
- this will take time to adjust
- don't expect weight loss
- starving yourself is not healthy
- it'll transform your body
- a healthy lifestyle=longer life span

Hope you enjoyed!xx
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