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On Friday I was around Penneys (which is what primark is called here in Ireland!) when something caught my eye. I usually browse around the makeup section of Penneys, but I never buy any of their face products (such as foundation, concealer, etc) as they don't match my skin tone.

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On this particular day however I took a second look at the face products and I was happy and surprised to see some new additions! There were some new shades that I actually felt would suit me, There was a darker foundation stick which I did notice did not have a name.Primark Beauty just keeps improving but this was a big deal to me.

After testing out the foundation stick (which I will write about in a minute) I feel like I can finally stop buying expensive MAC foundations - which I had to drive 40 mins away into a city near me to get for around €30, €40 - And switch to the Primark brand which is in my town and only costs €3 (though it is a foundation STICK. Not a liquid.)


For the review I will be dividing it into 3 main categories Packaging, Application and Wear.

Packaging; 8/10

The sticks came in twistable containers which I think made them quite portable as you can throw one in your bag just in case and blend it out with your finger or with a mini beauty blender.
The packaging was quite cute, though aside from the fact its says on the side "foundation stick"' it would definitely pass off for a concealer. I did notice, however, that sometimes if I would try to twist it the foundation would be stuck in place and I would have to push it into place with my finger and try to twist it again. Other than that there were no problems.

Application; 5/10

This is where this product needs to improve. As much as I loved this product actually applying it was a problem. It went onto your face pretty well but if you looked down at the stick after it was not a pretty sight the top of the foundation would be a streaky mess. Also for some reason it would feel 'bumpy' as you put it on for some reason. The foundation had great medium - light coverage though so that was a plus. 

Wear 8/10

I haven't really tried out much other foundations but I can say that this one lasted ok. I have really oily skin and basically nothing can stop the oil from showing but this was ok - not the best but not the worst compared to liquid foundation - It only started fading later on in the day. It had amazing coverage for a €3 foundation.

All in all I would recommend this foundation, and if you end up not liking it at least you didn't dish out  $/€40   for it.

Note: I wrote this 2 weeks ago when i had first gotten and tried this product. Also I apologise for not posting in a week or so.. things have just been busy! Thanks for reading x Hope you enjoyed xx
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Love you all x

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  2. Hi! I thought I would check out your blog a bit more after you left a comment on mine. I am glad I am not the only one who could see this sticks as a concealer haha - but I am glad to have made that mistake honestly or I would have never taken it home with me. Keep it up with the blogging!


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