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Hey there! I hope you enjoyed my last Christmas gift guide because I'm here with another. Today I'm going to be showing you present ideas for Him. Brother, boyfriend,Son, Dad or any other male, I'm pretty sure I've got you covered x. 

Gift guides are a great way to find inspiration for what you can give your loved ones. In this gift guide I will be bullet listing the gifts instead of writing a description for them, hope you don't mind and Let's get into it!

🎁 Christmas Jumpers
🎁 Tickets to a game/concert/show
🎁 Cologne set (Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, etc)
🎁 Gaming console (PS4/Xbox One)
🎁 Games for the Console
🎁 Camera (For photography or youtube)
🎁 Books (If you're unsure what book to get see if their fave youtuber has a book out, a lot of big youtuber's nowadays have books and merchandise)
🎁 Personalised stuff (jumpers, picture, cards, etc)
🎁 Socks
🎁 A watch
🎁 A trip! Book a trip for your parents or brother or someone. (eg at a skydiving complex trip)
🎁 Sunglasses
🎁 Pyjama Sets (Primark has some great ones!)
🎁 Gift Cards
🎁 Hair Products
🎁 CDs
🎁 Beats Headphones
🎁 Shoes! (eg.Nike, Adidas,)
🎁 Itunes/ Google play gift cards
🎁 Bedding/ Duvet sets 
🎁 High street gift sets
🎁 Clothes (Tracksuit bottoms, etc)
🎁 FOOOOD (chocolate, his fave sweets, food is a great option)
🎁 A new wallet
🎁 A comical gift could be great too like some fake glasses

I really tried to include a variety of gifts in this post. Don't feel like you have to give a pricey gift, give from the heart not the wallet. But if it's what you want and what you know he would love then go straight ahead. And remember, if you're struggling with what to give try this rule 
Something to wear,
Something to read,
Something they want,
Something they need.

Credit due to the person on Twitter who posted about this '4 present rule'. Hope you enjoyed this short post and I'll see you next time. Check out my contact me page for my links and my Shop page for some more inspiration. Love you all X

Blogmas 2016


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πŸŽ„ Tis' the season! Welcome to my first Christmas themed/ Winter themed post. This is my first Christmas on this blog. I will not be doing daily blog posts but I will be using the #blogmas on my blog. Anyways I've decided to jump onto the bandwagon and do a Christmas gift guide to start off. You've probably seen about 10 of these already (I know I have ;) but it really is a great way to find out what gifts to give your family.

I'm going to be making 2 posts. Gifts for Her (Teenagers and Adults) and Gifts for Him (Teenagers and Adults). The guide is mainly here to give you some inspiration on what you might get them. Let's get into it!


Personally I feel that deciding what to get a girl is easier than deciding what to get a guy (Though I'm probably biased since I am a girl). So whether it's your daughter, sister, girlfriend, mom or any other female, I'm pretty sure I've got you covered!

πŸŽ„ Hair Curler/Straightener set
Perfect for your average girl, a curling wand set would be a great gift to give! Whether hers is broken or you just are feeling generous, just go ahead. Here are some I found on Amazon ↓


πŸŽ„ Perfume Sets
These vary from person to person, try to find scents they'd like. Celebrity scents would be great if you can find out who her fave celeb is and if they've got one! I won't be linking one from Amazon below  - mainly because I just don't know which you or even I, would like.

This is simple enough, if she's a makeup lover get her some brushes or an eyeshadow palette, check out my 'Shop' tab for some cheap and decent ones!

πŸŽ„Nail polish
Personally I'm not much of a nail girl but if she is then go ahead and delve into the polish world (warning: you'll never be able to pick a colour so just go for a shade of red PS. there are hundreds of shades of red :)

Simple yes, but jewellery can be one of the best gifts you can easily give especially if you customise it. Maybe by adding her name or a locket with both you names if you are in a relationship.

πŸŽ„ Sponsor a child or animal
If she loves to help people set up an ongoing donation or 'sponsorship' of a child or animal! You'll be paying money monthly to help the child or animal in need.

πŸŽ„Personalised Anything!
phone case, family photo, mug, stickers, the list is endless! Personalise something and they'll treasure it for ever

Self explanatory I feel, I mean who doesn't like getting new socks in Winter?

Again simple yet great!

πŸŽ„New Phone
This ones pricey but if you're really willing to dish out a lot of cash for your loved one she will definitely appreciate it.

Winter clothes, Summer clothes or any fashionable item may be great for her. I wouldn't recommend it though as sales are usually on in January and you can get the best deals then 

πŸŽ„ Laptop
Pricey yet again. But if you know she's always on her laptop and possibly uses it for work, then why not give her an upgrade?

πŸŽ„Tickets to a concert/show
If she's into bands get her some tickets! If she's into the Arts find a show near you! These can be the best present you can give her.

Don't feel like you have to give a pricey gift, give from the heart not the wallet. But if it's what you want and what you know she would love then go straight ahead. And remember, if you're struggling with what to give try this rule 
Something to wear,
Something to read,
Something they want,
Something they need.

Credit due to the person on Twitter who posted about this '4 present rule'. Hope you enjoyed this short post and I'll see you next time with my Gift Guide for Him. Which will hopefully be up in the next few days. Check out my contact me page for my links and my Shop page for some more inspiration. Love you all X

Blogmas 2016


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I made this blog in January 2016, that's when I posted my very first post. But I have to say I would consider August my real first month of blogging regularly. Because of me leaving my blog for months until August, I hadn't really thought of setting New Years resolutions or goals for this blog. Subconsciously though, I did have goals for this blog. And today I'm going to be sharing the ones I achieved. Maybe in January 2017, I'll set some resolutions for this blog. For now, let's get into some of the goals I never thought it would be possible for lil' old me (the most boring person I know) to achieve.

I wouldn't be here right now, without all of you who read my tiny blog. Yes I am a small blogger, but you don't know how much it means to me that some of you take the time to read my posts. Merry Christmas X 

Goals I achieved:

❄️ Reaching 30 page views on a post.
The first time I reached that many page views on a post, I was in shock. I couldn't believe that that many people would click on my post. It was the best feeling ever.

❄️ Getting a comment.
I don't get comments very often but when I do it makes me so happy, I always check out the persons blog too of its linked and I try to comment on theirs too. It really helps us bloggers to realise that someone actually enjoyed the post we spent time writing. That shows us it's worth it.

❄️ Being accepted into Google Adsense 
This was my biggest milestone. Of course blogging is not about money for me but it does feel great when you're making money doing what you love and I wanted to be a part of that club.

❄️ Twitter
When I first made my blogs Twitter I wasn't active at all until 2 weeks ago (30 November I think) Now I have around 70 followers and people just like me -teen bloggers - to connect with. Twitter makes me happy, coming home from school to see I have a like or RT or follow. You wouldn't understand how much that means to me. I also love reading blog posts on Twitter and it really helps when I post a link to a post. (Are you here from a twitter link I posted? Comment!)

❄️ Reaching 500 pageviews on my blog
I'm so proud of my self that I managed to reach 500 page views. I'm now on 800 and 1k isn't that far away!

❄️ Getting views from all over the world
It's incredible to me that I have people all over the world who read my blog. Top 5 places I reach in order highest to lowest would be, Ireland (where I used to live) USA, The U.K., France & Germany. It's weird to know I have the power to reach people in all those countries and more (Russia,Spain, Belarus, Italy, Mexico to name a few more)

Those are just a few goals I achieved in 2016. They may be small to you but they mean everything to me. Thank you.

Hope you enjoyed X If you'd like to chat my links are on my "Contact Me" page. Comment some posts you'd like to see and don't forget to check out my "Shop" page by clicking the shop tab above! Love you lots xx

PS I am not doing daily posts but I will be tagging my posts as blogmas2016.



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Everybody has to deal with acne at least once in your life - well if you don't you're really lucky.
 Today, in this post I'm going to talk about how to deal with acne and how to clear up your acne (Keep in mind that I am in no way a medical professional, consult your doctor for more information) 

Because I am in my teens I will be talking about teenage acne. Though you can use these tips for all ages. Let's get into it!

Dealing With Acne

Having acne can really downgrade your confidence though from personal experience, no one really notices your acne - or if they do they're kind enough not to mention it. They've probably had a spot here or there in their lifetime so acne really isn't as much of a thing people will point out.

However that's not why people usually tend to feel unconfident when they have acne. It's more of a thing where you notice people who don't have acne - you look at their "perfect" skin and it makes you feel bad about yours. The key to not being affected by this is to just remember nobody is perfect.

You may feel that the person in question has it easy, having perfect skin and all but really this is not the case. You don't know what goes on in this person's life and if they haven't always had skin that looks "perfect". You just see. You don't know.

Ways to clear up your acne

Now to the main part of this piece. There are lots of ways you can clear up your skin, so if one doesn't work for you, you can always try another method. Consult your doctor for more information.

  • Change your diet
Diet changes usually clear up mild to moderate acne. Vegetarian and vegan diets work best, though I've personally never tried this. I do know that great results can come out of changing your diet. Click here for a link to my post about 'Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism'

  • Wash your face twice a day
Sometimes simple things like washing your face can make a major improvement. Try to implement a routine for washing your face, as well as exfoliating once a week. I'll link an exfoliating brush down below.

  • Don't pop your spots
It may be tempting but this is the worst thing you can do. Yet we all do it from time to time, do your best to let your skin do its job and the spot should be gone in a few days.

  • Try a face mask
Whether it's DIY or high-end, try a face mask! Incorporate one into your night or spa routine and you might get great results! Face masks can be really easy to use so fill up a bath and pop one on for a night of relaxation. Some peel off masks target and remove blackheads. Here are some I found.


And those some of my best tips! I hope you liked this Acne 101 post as much as I loved writing it and if there are any other topics you want me to make a 101 about leave a comment down below! 
Hope you enjoyed xx
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Love you all x

*All of the products listed are from Amazon, some may have discounts as part of their Cyber Week sale. Check it out!



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If you're a makeup fanatic like me (mostly talking about foundation here though), there will come a time in your life where you are faced with 2 choices; Makeup brushes or Makeup sponges.

In my opinion sponges became popular only recently. I personally when I used liquid foundation would first apply the foundation with a brush and blend a bit and the fully blend it with a beauty sponge. I still do this though as you will see down below!

FYI - Beauty blenders aren't the only sponges out there!Try out some triangle wedges! I really like to use them sometimes :)


 Brushes spread out foundation better than sponges as I feel sponges blend more. If you're looking for a little to go a long way stick to brushes!
But the thing is brushes never seem to blend the way a sponge can so don't forget to factor this into your decision.


*Easy to use and hold
*Have specific jobs and are tailored for that job (eg Contour brush, etc)
*Spread foundation easily


*Washing brushes can be a hassle
*Can be very expensive
*You can't have one brush for your whole makeup routine 


I sometimes feel like you have to use tons more of your foundation if you are using a sponge as it may soak up more of your foundation than a brush. Also washing sponges can be quite a lot more hassle than washing brushes.
Sponges blend way better than brushes do and can even give you more coverage!


*Small, easy to use and keep
*Can be used for multiple things
*Affordable (Knock offs)
*Can get into crevices of your face


*Washing is a hassle
*They don't last as long as brushes
*Soak up a lot of the foundation


So there you have it! My personal opinion of brushes and sponges, I didnt want to favour one over the other I just wanted to explain the differences

Short post but hope you enjoyed!xx
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I just want to say, Sorry I haven't been active. I recently moved (check out my last blog post) and we still don't have wifi, though we are getting it in a few days! I'm putting this up in a library and I just want to say I will be back in a week or so with wifi >.< 
Thanks for all the support xx

We all plan to be healthy right? Well sometimes a little motivation can help you 
go a long way!

› Have a plan
Make sure that you have an idea if you want to go on a specific diet such as gluten free, vegan, etc. it's not required but can help give you a basis.

› Find motivation
Look up people that you can use as a role model. find someone who promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle.
Use pictures to your advantage. look at pictures of food and determine if you can find the recipe or even pictures of what your body will look like when you eat well, of course with exercise.

› Know your taste buds
Make sure that you establish what healthy foods that you do like so you have a basis.
Try new foods so you can increase your diet.

› Strategize
Start one week at a time. one week reduce sugar, the next week reduce bad carbohydrates and start to increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, protein, etc.

› Reward yourself
by rewarding yourself, it's motivating you because you know that there will be a great outcome if you further continue.

› Remember!
- this will take time to adjust
- don't expect weight loss
- starving yourself is not healthy
- it'll transform your body
- a healthy lifestyle=longer life span

Hope you enjoyed!xx
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BeautyBlogrx is Born..

10:10 pm

Umm Hey everyone.. So today I was inspired to make a blog, a different kind of blog where I blog about my life and answer and questions you guys have to ask. I know this page doesn't look fantastic but I'm posting this on my phone and I'll get on a computer tomorrow and fix it.

On another note, please don't mind my grammar, I'm not great at "punctuation" if I'm honest. And also sorry if I use "mobile slang terms" such as tbh (to be honest) and stuff, I'm just so used to it.

If you want to contact me and talk (I don't mind at all) my tip instagram is @xtipfactoryx so you can dm me there.

I'll have an all about me post up soon so don't worry! I love you all to the moon and back ♥

- BBrx (BeautyBlogrx)

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